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Year of 2015
  Santos Kreimann Returns to the Assessor's Office
        January 20, 2015 Santos Kreimann
Year of 2014
  County Assessor Jeffrey Prang Announces Transition Team
        December 18, 2014
  Oath of Office Ceremony for County Assessor Jeffrey Prang
        December 2, 2014
  Office of the Assessor Releases 2014 Assessment Roll
        July 23, 2014
  Colby Fire Property Tax Relief
        January 27, 2014
  2014 Office of the Assessor Annual Report
        2014 Annual Report Press Release
Year of 2013
  Los Angeles County Property Assessment Roll Increases Third Straight Year
        July 17, 2013
  Office of the Assessor Releases 2013 Annual Report
        September 5, 2013
  Office of the Assessor Urges Property Owners to Seek Tax Relief from Powerhouse Fire Damage
        June 4, 2013
  Decline-in-Value Review Results in Tax Savings for 380,000 Homeowners
        May 31, 2013
  Office of the Assessor to Sponsor Free Business Seminars
        February 21, 2013
Year of 2012
  One Year Deadline Approaching for Property Owners to Seek Tax Relief from 2011 Wind Storm Damage
        November 8, 2012
  Assessor’s Office Releases 2012 Annual Report
        September 10, 2012
  Property Assessment Roll Increases Second Straight Year
        July 19, 2012
  Santos H. Kreimann to Lead Assessor’s Office
        June 19, 2012
  Decline-in-Value Review Results in Tax Savings for 365,000 Homeowners
        May 31, 2012
  Assessor John Noguez Supports Legislative Efforts to Regulate Tax Agents
        May 9, 2012
Year of 2011
  Assessor John R. Noguez urges property owners to seek tax relief from wind storm damage
        December 6, 2011
  Assessor John Noguez Authorizes a Grace Period through December 31 to File a 2011 Decline-in-Value Review Application
        December 1, 2011
  30 de Noviembre fecha limite para solicitar reduccion de valor
        November 2, 2011
  November 30 decline-in-value application deadline
        October 31, 2011
  Property Assessment Roll Increases After Two Years of Decline
        August 18, 2011
  Property Tax Savings From Annual Home Value Review
        June 01, 2011
Year of 2010
  Storm Damage Property Tax Relief
        December 29, 2010
  Oath Of Office Ceremony For County Assessor John R. Noguez
        December 6, 2010
  Assessment Roll Again Reflects Decline in Residential Values
        August 24, 2010
  Assessor's Review of Home Values Produces Property Tax Savings
        June 2, 2010
  Assessor's Website Lists Homes Under Review for Decline In Value
        April 6, 2010
  Board of Supervisors Appoints New Assessor
        March 18, 2010
  Assessor to Retire in March
        January 14, 2010
Year of 2009
  불필요한 서비스로 피해를 입지 마십시오
        2009년 1월 23일
  Homeowners Again Receiving Misleading Tax Reduction Mailers
        October 20, 2009
  Assessment Roll Reflects Decline in Home Values
        July 9, 2009
  June 30 Deadline To File For Domestic Partner Property Tax Savings
        June 8, 2009
  Property Tax Savings From Assessor’s Valuation Review
        June 1, 2009
  Assessor Rick Auerbach Supports State Action Against Tax Scam
        May 13, 2009
  Assessor's Website Includes Homes Under Review For Decline In Value Status
        March 31, 2009
  Don't Get Ripped Off For Unneeded Service
        January 23, 2009
        23 de enero de 2009
Year of 2008
  Misleading Mailers Offer Lower Property Taxes For Homeowners
        Dec. 30, 2008
  Sayre Fire Property Tax Relief
        November 19, 2008
  Assessment Roll Increases Despite Residential Market Decline
        July 8, 2008
  Decline In Value Review Produces Property Tax Savings
        May 27, 2008
  Review Of Home Values By Los Angeles County Assessor
        March 20, 2008
Year of 2007
  Malibu/Corral Fire Property Tax Relief
        Nov 27, 2007
  Property Tax Relief Available for Fire Victims
        Oct 23, 2007
  Home Sales drive Trillion Dollar Roll
        July 10, 2007
Year of 2006
  Home Values Key to 11 Percent Roll Increase
        July 11, 2006
  County Provides Homeowner Exemption-Private Company Help Not Needed
        July 11, 2006
  Supplemental Tax Estimates Available on Assessor's Website
        March 13, 2006
  Auerbach New President of California Assessors' Association
        January 17, 2006
Year of 2005
  Home Sales Drive Record Assessment Roll
        July 28, 2005
  Chinese Language Video Added to Assessor's Website
        July 27, 2005
  Home Sales Strong for Another Record Assessment Roll
        July 12, 2005
  Property Tax Internet Portal Opens
        June 29, 2005
  Assessor Honored by Los Angeles County Bar
        April 14, 2005
  Historic One-Stop Electronic Business Statement Filing Begins
        March 14, 2005
  Property Tax Relief for Storm Damage
        January 5, 2005
Year of 2004
  Seminar Set to Explain Mills Act Rules for Historic Homes
        September 8, 2004
  Residential Sales Fuel Record Assessment Roll
        July 29, 2004
  Historic Appointment of New Assistant Assessor - First Woman and Asian-American Manager
        January 28, 2004
Year of 2003
  Assessor's Department Wins Public Information Award From International Assessment Association
        December 31, 2003
  Property Tax Relief Available for Fire Victims
        October 28, 2003
  Record 2003 Property Assessment Roll Reflects Strong Real Estate Market
        July 30, 2003
  Private Firms Not Needed to Obtain Exemption Benefits
        April 24, 2003
  Estimates of Los Angeles County's Commercial Property Values Too High in Proposition 13-Related Study
        February 25, 2003
Year of 2002
  State Board Praises Assessor's 99%+ Quality Rate
        October 29, 2002
  Fire Damage Property Tax Relief Now Available
        October 1, 2002
  County Assessor Shares Sheriff's Concerns for Homeless
        September 19, 2002
  Property Assessment Roll Reflects Strong and Steady Growth in Values
        July 30, 2002
Year of 2001
  Property Tax Relief for Airport-Related Business
        October 18, 2001
  Satellite Decision
        September 28, 2001
  Assessment Appeal Filing Deadline Extended
        September 7, 2001
  Satellite Update
        August 2, 2001
  2001-2002 Assessment Roll: Los Angeles County Property Values Holding Strong
        July 26, 2001
Year of 2000
  Property Owners Advocate
        August 21, 2000
  2000-2001 Assessment Roll - Assessor Says Property-Based Economy Thrives
        August 2, 2000
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