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As part of our effort to provide high quality public service, the Office of the Assessor has introduced “ezForms” in addition to our PDF forms. There are three ezForms options:
  1. Fill and Print – Fill out the form online, print the form and then mail it to us.
  2. Download – Download the form to your computer, complete it off-line and mail it to us.
  3. Sample - View a sample of a completed form online.

In the coming months, we will be adding new features to ezForms, including electronic submission. Look for the ezForms logo next to forms that are equipped with this feature. All other forms are still available for download in PDF format.

What form are you looking for?


  Instructions for Printing and/or Downloading Assessor Documents

Natural Resources
  Aggregate Production Report - FILL-IN
        BOE-560-A, RP-972, RP-973 5 (8-06) 01/15
  Annual Oil and Gas Operating Expense Data - FILL-IN
        BOE-566-K (RP-979, RP-981) 8 (8-10) 01/15
  Mutual or Private Water Company Property Statement - FILL-IN
        BOE-540-S (RP-971) 6 (8-06) 01/15
  Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Personal Property Statement - FILL-IN
        BOE-566-J, RP-978 6 (8-06) 01/15
  Oil and Dissolved Gas Production Report - FILL-IN
        BOE-566-D, RP-976, RP-977 8 (8-10) 01/15
  Pipeline Property Statement
        BOE-571-P, ASSR-88, ASSR-88.1 8 (8-06) 01/15
  Supplementary Code Allocation Appraisal Report - FILL-IN
  Utility Water Company Property Statement - FILL-IN
        RP-962 01/15
  Power Plant Property Statement - FILL-IN
        BOE-571-C, ASSR-112, ASSR-113 17 (05-14) 01/15
  Right-of-Way Property Statement - FILL-IN
        BOE-571-RW, ASSR-75, ASSR-75.1 5 (8-06) 01/15
  Instructions for Printing and/or Downloading Assessor Documents
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