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Personal Property
When does the regular annual unsecured tax bill become delinquent?
Can I file my business property statement on-line?
What should I do if I think my property is exempt?
I have a value disagreement with the Assessor and I have filed an assessment appeal. Should I still pay the bill?
Is there a toll free telephone number where I can obtain property tax assistance?
Why did I receive a Business Property Statement (571-L)?
Do I have to file a Business Property Statement?
Can I amend a Business Property Statement filing after it is mailed?
Does the Assessor prorate taxes between buyer and seller in the event a business is sold?
What is business personal property?
What is the difference between inventory and supplies?
How does the Assessor arrive at the taxable value for personal property assessments?
Why must sales tax be included in the reported cost?
What if I don't agree with the taxable values?

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