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What is Proposition 13 Value?
What requirements need to be met to qualify for temporary tax reduction as a result of damage to my property?
After my property is rebuilt or repaired, will my property taxes be increased?
Can I lower my Property Taxes?
How much are my taxes for the current year?
How much are my taxes for the prior year?
Why did I get a supplemental tax bill?
Can you tell me what this refund is for?
How do I locate my Assessor's Identification Number?
What is this Direct Assessment charge on my tax bill?
Decline in Value
Proposition 13 caps the growth of a property’s assessed value at no more than two percent a year. How can the assessed value of my property increase by more than two percent?
How do I get a Decline-in-Value assessment?
Do properties other than single family residences qualify?
What is a comparable sale?
Where can I find comparable sales information?
I filed my Decline-in-Value Application by November 30. When and how will I know if my value will be reduced?
If my assessed value is reduced, how long will it last?
New Construction
In general, what is considered assessable (taxable) new construction?
If I add area (square footage) to my home, will the increase in my assessed value be based on the new square footage of the addition, or will it cause a reappraisal of the entire property, including the land?
Will extensive rehabilitation of my home cause a reappraisal (reassessment) of the entire structure?
Will the new construction on my home be considered a remodel if I leave the existing foundation and one wall standing?
Will the remodel of my kitchen or bathroom trigger a reassessment?
Will my assessment increase when I replace floor coverings, windows or a roof?
How does the demolition of a structure on my property affect the assessment?
How does the added value for new construction affect my taxes?
How does the Assessor’s Office know when new construction has occurred on a property?
How does the Assessor arrive at the added value for new construction?
If I am an owner-builder, will my actual costs be accepted as the value of the new construction?
Shortly after I filed for a building permit, I received a “Property Owner’s Statement on New Construction” from the Assessor’s Office, requesting information about the new construction. What does the Assessor use this information for?
If I complete and return the "Property Owner’s Statement on New Construction" timely will an appraiser visit my property?
If the actual physical description of my property differs from the Assessor’s records, what needs to be done to have the Assessor’s records corrected?
If I notify the Assessor of an error in the physical description of my property, will this cause a reassessment of my property?
What do I do if I disagree with the assessed value of my new construction?
I no longer own my business, why am I being billed?
How can I change my mailing address?
Can you tell me who owns a property?
How do I know if the transaction I am considering will result in a reappraisal of my property under Proposition 13?
Will refinancing of my property result in a reassessment?
Can the property be reappraised upon the death of the owner?
Can the property be reappraised if the decedent held the property in a trust?
Do I still have to file a Change of Ownership Statement if the property was held in the decedent’s trust?
Are there penalties for not filing the Change of Ownership Statement?
What happens if a Change of Ownership Statement is not submitted within the time frame prescribed by law?
How does the Assessor update the mailing address in a death of property owner situation?
Will the property be reassessed if the decedent’s property passes to the spouse or registered domestic partner?
Will the property be reassessed if it passes to the decedent’s child(ren)?
Are parent/child transfers automatically excluded from reassessment?
Is there a deadline for filing a Claim for Reassessment Exclusion for Transfer between Parent and Child?
Where can I learn more about parent/child transfer exclusions?
Is the property eligible for a reassessment exclusion if it is inherited from a grandparent?
Is the property eligible for reassessment exclusion if it is inherited from a family member?
What documents need to be submitted to the Assessor’s office upon the death of a property owner?
Personal Property
When does the regular annual unsecured tax bill become delinquent?
Can I file my business property statement on-line?
What should I do if I think my property is exempt?
I have a value disagreement with the Assessor and I have filed an assessment appeal. Should I still pay the bill?
Is there a toll free telephone number where I can obtain property tax assistance?
Why did I receive a Business Property Statement (571-L)?
Do I have to file a Business Property Statement?
Can I amend a Business Property Statement filing after it is mailed?
Does the Assessor prorate taxes between buyer and seller in the event a business is sold?
What is business personal property?
What is the difference between inventory and supplies?
How does the Assessor arrive at the taxable value for personal property assessments?
Why must sales tax be included in the reported cost?
What if I don't agree with the taxable values?
Tax Payments
What should I do if I don't have a secured property tax bill?
To what address do I mail my tax payment?
Where can I make my tax payment in person?
Can I pay my taxes with a credit card?
What is the Homeowner's and Renters Assistance Program?
What is the Property Tax Postponement Program?

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