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Welfare Exemption  Lessor's Exemption
Hospital Property Church Exemption
Multispecialty Clinics Religious Exemption
Housing Historical Aircraft
Uses of Property College Exemption
Cemetery Exemption Public School Exemption
Aerospace Museum, Free Public Library, Free Museum, Consular Exemptions, Marine Vessel

Real and personal property used for religious, hospital, scientific or charitable purposes may be eligible for a property tax exemption. These exemptions are available to nonprofit organizations that provide services to the entire community. A partial list of the organizations and/or properties that may qualify are:

 Aircraft - Aerospace Museum*  Housing for Qualified Institutional Personnel
 Aircraft of Historical Significance*  Lessor of Qualified-leased Property*
 Cemetery*  Low-income Housing
 Church*  Elderly/Handicapped Housing
 College*  Charitable Non-Profit Organizations
 Free Public Library*  Marine Vessels*
 Free Museum*  Veterans Organizations
 Public School*  Mulitspecialty Clinics
 Consular Exemptions*  

*These exemptions are administered locally solely by the Assessor.

All claimants for exemptions must file annually beginning on January 1 and no later than February 15th. If the 15th falls on a weekend or legal holiday, then the next business day will be the due date. Failure to file during this time period will subject a claimant to a late filing penalty not to exceed $250. First-time claimants may file for prior years, but the number of years is subject to the filing penalty and other statutory requirements.

All properties submitted for exemption must be in exempt usage on the tax lien date, January 1st. In general, property vacant or unused on the lien date is not exempt. Under current State law, property used primarily for fundraising purposes does not qualify for exemption. Occasional fundraising is allowed within certain prescribed requirements. Any exemption granted will only reduce the general tax levy portion of a bill. The bonded indebtedness and direct assessments portion of a tax bill are not exempt under current state legislation. Penalties and fees associated with delinquent tax bills are also not exempt.

Additional inquiries on the welfare exemption can be directed to the BOE at 1-916-274-3430, or at their website www.boe.ca.gov. The Assessor's Major Exemptions Section may be reached for questions on any exemption issue at (213)974-3481 or exempt@assessor.lacounty.gov. Click here to download forms.

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