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Click here for an on-line form that allows you to submit your property assessment related questions or comments to the Assessor's public service staff.
Assessor Webmaster
Submit your technical website related questions or comments to the Assessor's Webmaster email address webmaster@assessor.lacounty.gov

Public Phone Numbers District Office Locations

District Appraisals
The Assessor’s Office has divided the county into four geographical districts, with an office for each district. These district offices are responsible for assessing and maintaining the records for the houses, condominiums, apartments, and most commercial-industrial buildings and businesses within their geographical boundary. Please click on the above link for office locations.
Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
All other types of properties are assessed by the Assessor’s staff located in the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration headquarters location. These typically consist of the larger businesses and commercial-industrial properties in the county as well as specialized properties such as aircraft, boats, manufactured homes, oil producing leases and possessory interests.
  Major Personal Property  
If you require assistance with a business assessment (identified by a company number), please visit room 225, or contact them at (213)974-8613.
  Major Real Property  
If you need assistance with a parcel (identified by a mapbook, page, and parcel number), please visit room 180, or contact them at (213)974-3108.
  Marine and Aircraft / Manufactured Housing  
The public service counter for Marine and Aircraft / Manufactured Housing section is located at the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration Headquarters office, Room 248. This section can be reached by phone at (213)974-3119.

Email your questions or comments

    Vessels, Boats and General Aircraft: marineair@assessor.lacounty.gov
    Manufactured Homes: mfdhomes@assessor.lacounty.gov
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